Jes Culley

Founder & Director, avp Group

Passion for ​AV has always been a ​driving force in​ my life and in 1993, I founded avp with the vision of becoming an ​industry-leading​ ​residential ​and commercial automation company. The business has grown from strength to strength over the last 25 years and I’ve had the great pleasure of working on a ​plethora ​of ​career-defining ​projects. Whether installing ​state-of-the-art, automated home and conference systems at an ancient priory and vineyard in Provence which was being renovated into a luxury private estate; transforming over 100 basements; fully ​automating​ a boutique hotel in Switzerland and even ​kitting out a barge where all the furniture was secured to the floor, ​the variety of technical scale and scope of each and every design is what excites me. ​My role is to meet with clients, understand their vision and make recommendations about the best way to enhance ​their space and lives ​with ​state-of-the-art​ automated systems, including Audio Visual, Lighting design and Security.

From a young age, I was always interested in electronics and spent most of my free time taking things apart. After studying Electronic Engineering, I built a business based on wiring radios and stereos into cars before they came as standard. In 1983, I fitted the first Blaupunkt Satellite Navigation system into a Honda on a visit to their Swindon plant. In the early 90’s, I started working with architects to install AV systems into residential properties. As the business grew and became more successful we branched out into commercial installations.

I love it when a client presents us with an ​exceptionally​ exciting challenge. ​One particular project that springs to mind was sourcing​ a bespoke TV elevation lift from the United States and positioning it beneath a stone floor which​ could ​be raised and lowered as required so as not to obscure​ the view of the garden through ​a​ floor to ceiling glass wall. ​Or navigating the ultimate challenge of writing bespoke software when faced with a design requiring integration software that doesn’t exist.

I have a real passion for automation and ​evolving industry-leading innovative technical solutions​. For me, the most exciting part of the job is sharing the endless possibilities of an automated space with a client and then turning it into an extraordinary reality, ​outperforming expectations​ and delivering their dream.