Craig Gillham

Acting CEO & Non-Executive Director/Advisor, avp Group

My continued role within AVP is to offer advisory support as the business matures and continues to enhance its business model and execute against the over-arching strategy.

I started my career by joining Andersen Consulting as a post-graduate in 1993, working as a technology consultant. I’ve spent much of my career working across various industries, helping companies deliver sustainable results. Ranging from helping them to develop new business enhancing strategies to delivering company-wide transformations. More recently, I have held Executive Director positions at various London & Global financial institutions.

In 2017 avp fully automated our Hertfordshire family home. I was so impressed with the extensive range of solutions and experience, I decided to invest time working with the business to relaunch avp to its current offering: a full suite of the most advanced technology that transforms your everyday living and work spaces.  

I am passionate about home and business automation and love the convenience and sheer delight that can be achieved. As a family, we love outdoor pursuits and adventures and thanks to avp, it’s always such a pleasure to return home.