Private Residence Hertfordshire

avp were invited to transform this beautiful Hertfordshire residence by installing the latest smart home technology. We designed a detailed, automated scheme which included an initial stage of rewiring to ensure the rest of the installation would perform to its maximum ability. Multi Wi-Fi access points were installed to achieve uniform coverage with no dead spots. A Ubiquity network hub boosts the wireless signal around the house to deliver superior, uninterrupted broadband, ensuring all smart solutions work seamlessly.

Control 4 and Amazon Alexa are at the heart of this smart home. Solutions are controlled by voice, smart phone, or one central remote. Centralised distribution for audio and video means unsightly media boxes are positioned neatly on a rack, out of sight and away from the living space. Amazon Alexa has been integrated with the home automation system to control audio visual, temperature and lighting throughout the house. A simple command can switch on a TV, or turn on a lamp, it can even adjust the brightness to the desired level.

High performance speakers are carefully placed in every room downstairs to achieve the best possible multi-room sound. Integrated with Spotify & Napster, this solution allows easy access to the entire music library and the choice to listen to different tracks in different rooms or play the same music throughout the house in perfect sync. Climate control is delivered by the intuitive Nest system and is integrated with Control 4 and Amazon Alexa for maximum convenience and ease of use. The temperature in specified zones can be easily adjusted by voice, smart phone or one central remote control.

A comprehensive security system was installed and integrated with Control4 comprising six external CCTV cameras to provide clear pictures of the exterior of the property which can be viewed on any TV screen in the house or smart phone. A sophisticated video door entry system enables a clear view of who’s at the front door and allows you to communicate with them from inside the house or anywhere in the world.

We’re delighted that this suite of automated solutions has given the owners’ an enhanced level of control, enjoyment and convenience when at home and peace of mind when they’re away.

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