Private Residence Hertfordshire

As part of a major renovation project, avp were asked to install a range of smart technologies within this stunning private residence. Control 4 was installed to control all automated aspects of the home - from audio visual, climate control, lighting, security, blinds and curtains.

Motorised curtains and blinds are controlled individually, simultaneously or as part of a programmed sequence using any touch panel. The curtain rails are hidden neatly within a recessed section of the ceiling to achieve a clean finish.

A lovely home cinema room features acoustically transparent walls and screen to deliver a true cinema experience and the very best in laser projection has been installed for optimum picture quality.

The lighting scheme was designed using trimless, plaster-in downlights, subtle floor lighting and beautiful decorative focal pieces.

Bespoke light switches and socket panels are flush to the wall and blend seamlessly with the interior design scheme.

Multi-room audio delivers incredible sound throughout the property and weather-proof speakers offer the perfect solution for outdoor entertaining.

In the master suite, a flat panel TV is positioned within the ceiling, supported by a motorised bracket and controlled using the Control 4 panel.

A sophisticated security system allows the user to hear the doorbell from any space in the house and view who is at the door from any touch panel, tablet or mobile phone. Multiple CCTV cameras deliver a clear external view of the property which can also be viewed on any device.

High performance Wi-Fi is installed to deliver superior, uninterrupted broadband. The network hub is located away from the main living area and acts as the nerve centre of the property. All the cabling is neatly stored here, along with the lighting and network patch panels to control and adjust any of the automated solutions and lighting schemes.

Project solutions