Planning Your Project

Whether you’re planning to build a new home, renovate or extend your current property or have a commercial project in mind, we’ve pulled together some helpful tips to help you get started.

Do I need an architect?

Unless you are planning very simple improvements to your property, it’s wise to seek the advice of an architect before you start any work. Architects are highly-skilled and professionally-trained which enables them to apply creative thinking to your project, making suggestions that you may not have considered. They will also look at ways to make the most of natural light and assess the flow of the space, considering the practicalities of everyday living.

“An architect will deliver so much more value for money in your design (storage, clever circulation, beauty, imagination) …the logic of the layout, the clarity of how you and I can get around a building and use it well and ergonomically, matters.” Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

How do I find a good architect for my project?

Ask for recommendations from people who have completed projects and are happy with the results. In our experience, clients who have worked with a good architect and are delighted with the outcome are very happy to share and make a recommendation, they may even show you around their completed project, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Visit the Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA) website for more detailed information on the benefits of working with an architect. They also have a search facility which allows you to locate RIBA Chartered Practices in your local area.

Most architects have a good network of partners who are responsible for delivering the specialist aspects of a project such as lighting design, electrical wiring, home automation systems, security solutions. If you have specific ideas about your project, for example, if you want your current home to be transformed into a fully automated smart home, it’s a good idea to ask your architect about their network. Ask to meet with any relevant specialist partners to hear about their services in more detail; you could ask to see examples of their work and testimonials from previous clients.

How do I plan the interior design?

Once you’ve established the design and layout for your space, you’ll be ready to consider the internal finishes from colour schemes, furniture and soft furnishings right down to the detailed decisions such as light fittings, switches and socket plates.

Do I need an interior designer?

Depending on the scale of your project and the budget, you may want to consider working with an interior designer to achieve your vision. Interior designers take a brief from the client to understand their vision and style preferences before researching and planning the space to deliver a well thought-through proposal for consideration. There will be ideas you like and others you may want them to think through in a different way. It’s important for you to feel 100% happy with the aesthetic element of your project: the scheme should meet your expectations on every level, whether you are trying to achieve a calm and relaxing environment or a space with an eclectic mix of vibrant colour and striking features. An interior designer can help you source items for your scheme or can simply leave you with inspirational mood boards and a list of potential suppliers for you to shop around and choose yourself.

How do I plan a smart home project without any structural work?

If you’re planning to transform your home or commercial property by installing a home automation system without any renovation or structural work taking place, you won’t need the services of an architect or interior designer.

We work directly with clients to understand their vision and turn it into an extraordinary reality and we have many glowing testimonials from our clients to prove it. With over 25 years of experience and by staying ahead of the latest developments in smart technology, we’re able to suggest ideas for your project which will transform everyday living and surpass your expectations. Unlike most smart technology companies, we have the whole range of solutions under one roof, from electrical wiring to lighting design, home automation and security solutions.

Working with us means that your project will run more cost effectively than liaising with several suppliers, you’ll only require one set of design plans and a dedicated project manager will oversee your project from conception to completion. We also have an established network of preferred suppliers to bring you a extensive range of choice and the very latest in advance smart technology.