What is Control 4?

Control 4 is a custom-built automation system which can transform your home or business by using smart technology, delivering ultimate convenience and control. The system integrates seamlessly with systems in your property such as lighting, climate control, audio visual and security, and is easily controlled by voice, handheld remote, portable or wall-mounted touchscreen or a device such as a tablet or your smartphone.

What makes Control 4 one of our preferred automation systems?

We recommend Control 4 for many of our residential and commercial clients for several reasons:

  • Simple integration - the range of products that can be easily integrated with Control 4 is extensive and ever-expanding. Control 4 has developed integration ‘drivers’ for more than 7,500 products from a wide range of manufacturers which keeps programming and engineering to a minimum and ensures smooth integration and operation from the outset.
  • Flexible integration - if you have existing thermostats or energy efficiency monitors that you are familiar with and would like to keep, Control 4 will integrate easily with these without the need to replace your existing technology. Similarly, the system will integrate with a whole host of new products which you may choose to install.
  • Ease of use - controlling the system is simple: the menu appears and performs the same on every user interface, whether you’re using a Control 4 portable touchscreen, smartphone or an iPad, making it easy for everyone to operate.

What are the benefits of automating my home or business?

Put simply, automation is designed to control the electronic systems in your property. The capabilities of these clever systems allow you to easily control your environment from a range of devices, offering a whole host of life enhancing benefits:

  • Wake-up schedule - set a program to wake up the house in the morning; lights that gradually brighten your bedroom, relaxing music, blinds and curtains that open automatically.
  • Night-time schedule - turn off all the internal lights, activate external security lights, lock doors, close blinds, turn lawn sprinklers on and shut down any active home entertainment devices, saving you precious time at the end of the day by putting you in control of every space in the house.
  • Everyday convenience - set pre-recorded audio or visual reminders for daily tasks such as leaving bins out or important calendar events. If you’re preparing a meal in the kitchen, use voice control to adjust the lighting, turn on the radio or set the temperature in the room.
  • Enhanced security – if you’re away from home for an extended period, a home automation system can create a realistic simulation by adjusting the lights, window blinds, music and other features randomly throughout the day or evening, creating the impression that someone is still at home. You can monitor external security cameras to see who is at your entrance or view any room in your home from anywhere in the world. Keep an eye on pets when you’re out of the home or check what the kids are up to in the playroom when you’re busy in another space via discreetly placed internal cameras.
  • Improving energy efficiency – a home automation system allows you to easily control the temperature of any space in your property. Simply adjust the climate to only heat areas that are in use or make the most of warmth from the sun by setting your system to open the blinds and turn off the lamps on sunny days. The sun can help heat a space, and your home automation system can easily adjust the thermostat to save energy.
  • Extraordinary control – it’s hard to keep track of which lights are on or where windows and doors are open. Your control 4 touchscreen can show you an instant status of every electronic product in your house, including sensors which track the position of doors and windows. Programme one button to shut everything down in one go as you leave the house.

Why work with a professional installer?

Working with a professional to install your automated system adds huge value to your project, whilst also saving you time and expense in the long run. Even the most tech-savvy enthusiasts may find some of the intricacies of even the simplest automated systems a challenge and it’s worth getting it right first time to avoid ongoing technical issues. Here are some of the reasons we recommend working with a professional installer:

  • Keeping ahead of the game – technology changes by the day. As a professional installer, we make it a priority to keep ahead of developments in smart home technology to ensure your project will stand the test of time and can be easily upgraded as technology evolves.
  • The value of experience – with over 25 years’ experience of automating homes and commercial premises, we have a deep understanding of the best solutions for every space and project. Furthermore, we can recommend solutions that you may not be aware of, that can completely transform and future proof your space.
  • Software programming – the best automation systems on the market can integrate with thousands of products, but we occasionally come across one that doesn’t! We have the knowledge and experience to design and programme bespoke software to ensure that the product integrates seamlessly with your system.
  • Bespoke solutions – when your installation is complete, you should be left with a system that works perfectly and is tailored to your exact requirements. A professional installer will ensure that you are familiar with how to control every aspect of your environment and show you how to adapt any pre-set schedules.

How disruptive is the installation of an automated system?

The level of disruption to your home or commercial property really depends on the scale of your project. There are simple systems that can be integrated with existing solutions with minimal disruption. Whereas larger scale projects, for example where the electrical wiring needs to be upgraded, will naturally be more intrusive. Automating a property during its construction or renovation is always an easier option for the client and installer. Your project manager will be able to explain in detail what is required to meet your specific brief.

At avp, we approach every stage of the project with the utmost respect for your property and privacy. If clients are living in the property during installation, we make it a priority to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum and you’ll have regular contact with a dedicated project manager every step of the way.