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We invite you to explore the endless possibilities of bespoke technology and see how everyday life can be transformed into something extraordinary. Imagine a world where everything in your home or workspace is controlled seamlessly from one simple device.

AVP specialise in transforming technology into state-of-the-art, extraordinary experiences by designing and integrating lighting, audio, home entertainment, climate control and security into one easy-to-use control device.

We specialise in both residential and commercial installations. Our projects range from prime residences and well-known Head Offices in the UK to private villas in Provence and boutique hotels in Switzerland. We’ve transformed over 100 basement projects and installed state of the art AV solutions in a plethora of conference facilities and auditoriums for large corporations.

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Home Automation

Home Automation

We design and install​ technically excellent, visually stunning bespoke automation solutions from the world’s best manufacturers​ that work in harmony with your space to control lighting, climate, blinds, home entertainment systems, security and much more.

​ Whether you are building a stunning new home, remodelling or upgrading your present system, avp work with you every step of the way to design an environment to meet your every need.


AVP provide intelligent, elegant and bespoke lighting solutions for residential and commercial properties. Set your lighting scenes throughout your home from the touch of a button, from waking up with your house in the morning to dimming the lights for evening relaxation or even compliment your gaming or entertainment systems with atmospheric balance and mood lighting.

The right lighting scheme can completely transform any space and everyday life.
Audio Visual

Audio Visual

We specialise in designing and integrating the latest stunning audio-visual solutions ​tailored to your space, from breath-taking home theatres with sophisticated projection and the highest quality sound systems ​to multi-screen games rooms ​and on a larger scale, ​conference rooms and auditoriums and everything in between.

​Want to listen to music in every room? We understand acoustics and are experts in high end sound. We know exactly where to place the speakers for maximum performance and ​we simultaneously take the time to plan lighting with the AV​ to ensure they’re sympathetic to each other.


Protecting high value residential and commercial properties is our forte and​ as a leading installer of high-end security, we understand the importance of feeling safe and secure. Our services include CCTV, door entry systems, video gate entry,​ a multi-camera surveillance system​ and internal motion detection.

Designed to fit in with your lifestyle, our bespoke security solutions will guarantee your peace of mind whether you are in or out of home.

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